Your invoices paid sooner with bePayd.

We help businesses get paid more quickly with our new early payment service

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Early payment discounts are a good way to manage cashflow but can be difficult to negotiate with organisations with established payment processes. bePayd makes early payment easy by offering to pay the invoices of any organisation who has signed up to our service. As a supplier to one of these companies, you are now able to choose which invoice – if any – you would like to be paid earlier than their standard payment terms.

Within seconds, we pay the invoice minus a small early payment discount.

bePayd means our money is in the bank sooner - so we have the cashflow to keep our business running smoothly bePayd customer

bePayd is simply an early payment discount, not a bank loan or other form of business credit.

  • No paperwork
  • No hassle
  • No personal guarantees
  • No hidden fees

Your time is precious. So, we want to give you some back

As easy as 1, 2, 3...

  • Early payment offer

    We text you to say your customer has approved your invoice as per standard terms and give you the option of early payment.

  • You accept the offer

    You click "bePayd NOW" and we pay the invoice immediately - minus the small early payment discount - into your business account.

  • Your customer pays us

    Nothing for you to worry about, but your customer will pay us back on the standard payment date.

Who we work with

bePayd is owned by Proactis: a global technology company listed on the UK stock exchange - that provides market-leading e-commerce software and financial solutions to businesses, including:

Want to bePayd early?

Next step is to get in touch to let us know which of your big customers you'd like us to sign up. Leave the rest to us. We'll help you bePayd in no time!

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What suppliers have told us

My bank offered me a £100 overdraft, which wasn’t enough so I had to go and get an expensive loan from a business loan company, with this I wouldn’t have needed to Food Distributor
I would want to use it across all of my suppliers not just this one, how can that happen? Brand and Design Consultant
If my business had access to this, I would be able to trade with more businesses. I can’t currently accept terms of more than 14 days with this the terms are not an issue Construction Business
That’s cheap. I would definitely do it Courier Company
I’m glad that there isn’t another portal to log into I have enough of those Small Wholesaler
That’s brilliant, I can see us using it and other small businesses Credit Management Firm
That seems really slick and easy to use. I like it Engineering Firm
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