Imagine a world where you could be paid in minutes not weeks or even months

  • Imagine the time you could save by not having to chase your customers for payments because you are told exactly when you are going to get paid and for how much.

  • Imagine a world where late payments become a thing of the past and replaced by early payments.

  • Imagine the reduced worry for not getting paid by your customers.

  • Imagine being able to get paid in minutes rather than weeks or even months for goods or services.

  • Imagine this being possible in just three clicks of a mobile, whereby you have complete choice and no need to service a complex finance solution.

This doesn’t have to be a dream. It can be a reality. bePayd was built to help suppliers get paid sooner. However, doing this in the simplest way possible. We work with your customer to identify when your invoices have been approved for payment, and immediately let you know so you don’t have to chase them. We confirm when you are going to get paid and by when. But we also get you an offer of early payment so you can get paid in minutes rather than in weeks.

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

What does it cost? There are no fees or charges. We don’t ask you for lots of information. We don’t ask you for any security or personal guarantees. So, finding out the status of your payment and when you are going to get paid is absolutely free and the effort in getting paid sooner can be as simple as three clicks on your mobile. You may be asked to accept a small discount to the invoice for an early payment. However, the offer is completely optional so you have complete choice.

In building bePayd we listened to the wants and needs of suppliers. Some told is that they didn’t want to have to access another portal to get paid. So, we don’t make people access a portal and remember another user ID or password to access their payment details or early payments. However, we did build a portal for those that want to access multiple invoice details and early payment options across multiple customers from one place. However, they don’t need to access the portal if they don’t want. It is completely their choice.

From listening to suppliers, what was also clear is that businesses operate in completely different ways. Many are out and about and not sat in front of a PC, therefore wanted choice as to how they are communicated with. We give them complete choice as to how they are contacted, SMS, email or via their own portal. bePayd works well on a mobile or desktop.

Some expressed frustration regarding complexity of obtaining early payments. So, we simplified the process to a point that they could get an early payment in just 3 clicks or <30 seconds.

Some were nervous of complicated terms and conditions or hidden costs. So, we made the process as simple and as transparent as possible. There is no request for security (e.g. personal guarantees or charges over the business) to be given, or complex information to be provided. The cost is limited to a small discount that could be applied to the invoice amount. When we shared the potential size of the discount with suppliers we had unanimously positive feedback, with people saying “wow that’s cheap”. However, we prefer to say, it is great value. Plus, they have complete choice over whether they accept the discount. And for some, it is possible that there won’t even be a discount applied. That is truly incredible.

So why isn’t everyone using bePayd. The truth is, we only went live earlier this year and hope everyone will be. We built this to work for you and your customers. However, it needs your customers to want to offer their suppliers this solution to their suppliers. In fact, customers would even benefit themselves on a number of fronts. So, should be a “no brainer”.

If this is of interest to you we would be happy to talk to your customers on your behalf and get them signed up. We won’t even mention yours or your businesses name if you don’t want us to. Feel free to let us know who your customers are and we will make contact with them. If you are a supplier and what you have read sounds good, feel free to contact us at