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What is bePayd?

bePayd is an accelerated payment facility provided by Proactis Accelerated Payments Limited. This solution gives suppliers the ability to accelerate the payment of an invoice that would otherwise be paid at some point in the future. We pay the supplier in return for a small early payment discount, and on the contracted payment date, the supplier’s customer pays us the amount of the invoice in full.

Our vision is to create frictionless trade that allows organisations to get on with what they do best. bePayd:

  • is mobile led to generate convenience - creates immediate updates on the status of invoices;
  • supports certainty - requires no security, giving comfort;
  • has no charges or fees (small discount on invoice only);
  • is completely selective, offering maximum flexibility;
  • doesn’t require a minimum invoice value;
  • offers market-leading speed and simplicity with payments released in just 4 clicks of a mobile (in seconds);
  • provides simple access with no need for a supplier portal.

The product launch is right around the corner, and we look forward to providing you with more information about what’s to come.

In addition to this privacy policy, Proactis has its main version located here: Please feel free to read and review this, in addition to the bePayd-specific information below.

I’m interested in bePayd and want to know more.

Firstly, your privacy is of absolute importance to us. We will only use your personal data to contact you to advise of the bePayd product. Proactis does not pass on, sell, or rent your personal data to third parties without your explicit written instruction. Your bePayd personal data is only processed in the UK.

The personal data you provide to receive information about bePayd is just what is needed to help us help you. We don’t ask for anything else. Each page will clearly state what is needed.

For example, on our “Tell Clients” page, the purpose of that is so that you can let your Customers know about bePayd. For that purpose, we will need your name and email address, plus the recipients’ email address, contact name and business name.

How often will I receive information about bePayd?

You can expect to receive updates about bePayd approximately every two weeks.

How do I stop getting information?

Please contact us at; please make sure you indicate which address you have signed up to receive the bePayd emails, in case it’s not the one you are emailing us from.


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I want to find out more information about bePayd, Proactis or their data security; how do I do that?

By all means, please contact us:

If you do need to unsubscribe from the message you receive from us, please contact us at

Don’t forget you can visit our main website at and our main company privacy policy is here: please feel free to read and review this, in addition to the bePayd-specific information provided on this page.

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