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Helping customers and suppliers stay on good terms, even through a crisis...

Imagine a world where you could be paid in minutes not weeks or even months

Early payments and no more chasing... Making the dream a reality.

How doing the right thing by your supply chain supports your bottom line

Improving payment practices can improve your bottom line

Working together to let cash flow

Help cash flow throughout your supply chain.

Working with HSBC to make bePayd a reality

Contemplating the new normal is interesting

Many businesses with cash reserves are worried about losing trusted suppliers who are working hard in difficult circumstances to deliver the same quality goods or services. It is these relationships that have been tried and tested which really keep the world turning and it is these suppliers who are difficult to replace if lost.

How bePayd can support during the Covid-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has required businesses across the globe to adapt and operate in completely new ways, in an attempt to deliver to the needs of their teams, customers and suppliers.

Proactis pushes bePayd as answer to SME cash crisis

Covid-19 loans providing just 2% of cash needed to cover unpaid bills – research

Covid-19 loans providing just 2% of cash needed to cover unpaid bills – research

Fintech firms devise cash flow solutions for SMEs

In Brief: Boris back in No10; Royal Mint makes NHS visors; Exec pay cuts; Two thirds of Brits cut spending

Analysis finds amount of money loaned to help British businesses through pandemic well behind European levels

Coronavirus: Fleet-of-foot fintech firms will play a part in the recovery